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At its simplest level, an L3 cache is just a larger, slower version of the L2 cache. Back when most chips were single-core processors, this was generally true. The first L3 caches were actually built on the motherboard itself, connected to the CPU via the backside bus. Adding that cache was sufficient to buy the Pentium 4 EE a percent performance boost over the standard Northwood line.

As multicore processors became more common, L3 cache started appearing more frequently on consumer hardware. In addition to this function, the L3 cache is often shared between all of the processors on a single piece of silicon.

The common L3 cache is slower but much larger, which means it can store data for all the cores at once. Sophisticated algorithms are used to ensure that Core 0 tends to store information closest to itself, while Core 7 across the die also puts necessary data closer to itself.

Unlike the L1 and L2, which are nearly always CPU-focused and private, the L3 can also be shared with other devices or capabilities. In contrast to the L1 and L2 caches, both of which are typically fixed and vary only very slightly and mostly for budget parts both AMD and Intel offer different chips with significantly different amounts of L3.

Intel typically sells at least a few Xeons with lower core counts, higher frequencies, and a higher L3 cache-per-CPU ratio.

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You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.Key: AdminGlobal ModMod. Print Thread. Second time this has happened to me this summer. Comes prewired for v, but in my application, running at v. Simple job of removing a cover on the motor, setting the jumper to the v settings, and hooking up the black and white supply wires to L1 and L2. In both cases one was a Red Lion pump, the other was something differentthe L1 and L2 terminals were not defined, at least not where I could tell which was for hot and which neutral.

No harm done, just a PITA to go back inside and reset the breaker.

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But got me to thinking Is there a "rule" on dual voltage motors? Like "When v, L1 is hot, L2 is not"??? I'd say no L1-L2 aren't generally used in a volt system, usually only or better, where there is more than one 'hot'. Just Common Sense That would make sense. But how does one improve the odds when hooking it up? Without a schematic In any case this print is a real head scratcher for sure. Having it would not increase the odds without a lot of thought. Good no permanent damage was not done.

Reason: spelling. Originally Posted By: CabinConnection. Seems I'm not alone when once Googles the issue. Most agree however, black to L1 is a better bet than to L2. Well, it's a red robin pump, But who actually made the motor? Originally Posted By: BillJeffy.

Macro-haplogroup L (mtDNA)

Reeeeed Rooobin!By composing generalized Darboux transformations, we establish a. The Heun equation and Separation of variable Veselov Quasi-invarian The Gervais-Neveu-Feld The perturbation of th The Calogero-Sutherlan Generalized KP hierarc Universal R-matrix for On polynomial solution On the Exact Solutions By composing generalized Darboux transformations, we establish a new construction of the commuting operator which ensures?

As an application, we prove conjectures in part III. Set d2 1. Now we consider eigenfunctions of H1 resp.

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H2 with the eigenvalue E. Hence the monodromy of eigenfunctions of H1 with the eigenvalue E coincides with that of eigenfunctions of H2. In this paper, we investigate this phenomena by Darboux transformation and generalized Darboux transformation.

H2 with the eigenvalue Eand they satisfy? Then E0. This transformation is is an eigenfunction of the operator H called the Darboux transformation.As you know, four quantum numbers are used to describe the position and spin of an electron in an atom.

The problem provides you with a complete set of quantum numbers and asks you to find an electron that can be described using those quantum numbers.

404. The page/URL requested wasn't found on this page.

The angular momentum quantum numberlessentially tells you the subshell in which the electron resides. The values of the l quantum number correspond to. The p-subshell contains a total of three orbitalsby convention assigned as. Chemistry Electron Configuration Quantum Numbers. Stefan V. Jun 26, Here's what I got.

Explanation: As you know, four quantum numbers are used to describe the position and spin of an electron in an atom. Related questions How do I know how to assign quantum numbers to electrons? How many electrons share all of the same quantum numbers? What are the quantum numbers for the first electron in "H""He""Li"and "Be"?

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What quantum numbers specify a 6s orbital? What quantum numbers specify a 6d orbital? What quantum numbers specify a 6p orbital? What quantum numbers specify a 4p orbital? What quantum numbers specify a 5p orbital? What quantum numbers specify a 5d orbital? What quantum numbers specify a 3p orbital? See all questions in Quantum Numbers. Impact of this question views around the world.

You can reuse this answer Creative Commons License.The patient is a year-old male, non-smoker, of average weight. He presented with a 4-year history of moderate to severe low back pain, worse with physical activity, and occasional low-grade fever. He has been treated with physical therapy and non-narcotic medications with limited benefit.

During the past 6 months, the intensity of the patient's pain has increased significantly, requiring narcotic pain medications and a lumbar corset, again with minimal benefit. Two months prior to presentation, the patient developed pain in the right sternoclavicular joint and the manubriosternal area. He developed a diffuse rash on his upper back, which was diagnosed as Acne Conglobata.

Examination revealed tenderness over the right sternoclavicular and lower paraspinal areas. The patient exhibited decreased range-of-motion in the lumbar spine. He is neurologically intact. Figures 1 and 2 below reveal sacroiliitis, inflammatory enthesopathy, and bony erosion of the end plates and anterior cortices at L1-L3.

The patient has hyperostosis and osteitis throughout the lumbar spine. Figure 1: Sagittal MRIs. Figure 2: Axial CT scans. Bone scintigraphy Figure 3 shows decreased uptake at L1, L2, L5, along with moderate uptake at the left upper tip of the scapula and sacroiliac joint. Increased uptake was evident at the sternoclavicular joint and sternum typical buffalo sign. Figure 3: Bone scintigraphy shows increased uptake. Extension and flexion radiographs demonstrated degenerative changes at L1-L2 and L2-L3 disc spaces and instability at the L1-L2 disc spaces.

Figures 4, 5. Figure 4. Figure 5. Back to top Please login or registerto gain full access to this case and participate in the discussion. Suggest Treatment Indicate how you would treat this patient by completing the following brief survey.

Unusual Case: Low Back Pain with L1-L3 Degeneration and L1-L2 Instability

Your response will be added to our survey results below. What treatment do you suggest? At this point, our spine team proposes posterior pedicle fixation at L1-L2 with a posterolateral fusion. However, we are concerned about the effect of this fixation upon adjacent segment stability.

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SAPHO has several different names and is considered by some to be a seronegative spondyloarthropathy. In most cases, the symptoms are self-limiting but recurrent. In this particular case, symptoms of mechanical back pain should initially be treated with physical therapy, activity alteration, and possible external immobilization. Degenerative changes at L1-L2 and L2-L3 may not account for all of the patient's symptoms and surgical intervention should be suggested with reservations.

Following failure of symptom improvement with exhaustive non-operative care, spinal stabilization may include fusion via posterior, anterior, or a combined approach.We understand your excitement we've been there too! Pictures of unique decorations like decals are allowed. Abusive comments will be subject to removal. Repeat offenders may be banned.

It is okay to be a redditor with a website, it is not okay to be a website with a reddit account. Instant Pot at Amazon. Cook times cheat sheet. What is the L on the instant pot display and how is it different from manually setting "keep warm"? As far as I understand, the instant pot automatically goes to "keep warm" mode after it's done cooking, and starts counting up with an "L" on the display.

But if I manually press the "keep warm" button, it doesn't have an "L", but still counts up. What is the difference? I couldn't find anything online. The clock counts up for 10 hours. So then the "L" is just to indicate that it's the automatic "keep warm"? No functional difference at all? Actually, just found where I'd written what "L" means. Read it somewhere official I'm pretty sure. It stands for Lapsed timeand is followed by the number of hours:minutes since a cooking cycle has finished.

I've seen somewhere what "L" stands for but can never remember! I think it may be something like "Leftover Time," or another weird word that indicates the IP is starting to count up the time after the beeps have sounded to indicate pressure cooking is done and " Natural Release" is beginning to happen automatically.

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Instant Pot Mobile App Instantpot. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account.In human mitochondrial geneticsL is the mitochondrial DNA macro-haplogroup that is at the root of the anatomically modern human Homo sapiens mtDNA phylogenetic tree. As such, it represents the most ancestral mitochondrial lineage of all currently living modern humans, also dubbed " Mitochondrial Eve ".

Its two sub-clades are L and L0. The split occurred during the Penultimate Glacial Period ; L is estimated to have formed ca. The formation of L0 is associated with the peopling of Southern Africa by populations ancestral to the Khoisanca.

L is further subdivided into L and L1dated ca. The split of the modern human lineage from the Neanderthal and Denisovan lineage is dated to between ca.

This is consistent with the estimate based on Y-chromosomal DNAwhich places the split between ca. The split of Neanderthal and modern human mtDNA is dated to about — kya, i. This has been explained as reflecting early gene flow from Africa into the Neanderthal genome, around kya or earlier, i. Posth et al. The Neanderthal and Denisovan lineages diverged before about kya, and Denisovan mtDNA was not affected by the introgression.

The emergence of haplogroup L by definition dates a later time, at an estimated — kya, [1] possibly in a population in eastern Africa. The deep time depth of these lineages entails that substructure of this haplogroup within Africa is complex and poorly understood.

It diverged, in its turn, into L1 kyaL5 kyaand L2 90 kya before the recent out-of Africa event of ca. L3 emerges around 70 kya and is closely associated with the out-of-Africa event; it may have arisen either in East Africa or in Asia. L6 and L4 are a sister clades of L3, but they are limited to East Africa and did not participate in the out-of-Africa migration. Undifferentiated L1'2'3'4'5'6 has been found in Neanderthal fossils from the Caucasus Mezmaiskaya cave and the Altai Denisova Cavedated to before 50 kya.

This suggests that an earlier wave of expansion of Homo sapiens left Africa between about — kya during the Penultimate Glacial Periodc. Skhul and Qafzeh hominins and left genetic traces by interbreeding with Neanderthals before disappearing. Haplogroup L1 diverged from L at aboutyears ago. Its emergence is associated with the early peopling of Africa by anatomically modern humans during the Eemianand it is now mostly found in African pygmies.

Haplogroup L5 was formerly classified as L1e, but is now recognized as having diverged from L also L2'3'4'5'6, or L 3'4'6'2 '5 at about kya. Haplogroup L2 diverged from L 3'4'6 '2 at about 90 kya, associated with the peopling of West Africa.

As a result of the Bantu migration it is now widespread throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, at the expense of the previously more widespread L0, L1 and L5.

Haplogroup L6 diverged from L3'4'6 at about the same time, ca.

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