Ck2 smith event

Ck2 smith event

It's the grand-srategy game that put the genre on the map, and allowed for the mainstream success of future games such as EU4 and Stellaris. But that still represents a library of extra stuff that comes with a hefty price-tag, even with the base game going Free-to-Play. Strategy Gamer is a Paradox Store affiliate, and we earn commission on any purchase made via that store. Unlocks Muslim rulers base CK2 only allows you to select Christian characters with loads of new mechanics.

It also puts pressure on Western Europe at a time when things can start to feel static, similar to the role the Mongols play in Eastern Europe. Like Sword of Islamthis one is entirely situational. Still, republics offer a rather unique way to play the game that can help keep things from feeling stale, especially for players who love to amass gold and spend it on cool stuff.

Pagans and Zoroastrians are a ton of fun, as are their respective mechanics for cementing their places in history. This is the first major expansion to expand on Catholic Europe, the area the game focused on at release. The new holy orders make a big difference in making some previously bare bones religions feel fleshed-out. Judaism gets some pretty cool stuff, like being able to restore the Kingdom of Israel, which makes for a fun playthrough.

And the new Muslim mechanics offer an interesting trade-off, allowing you to continue the scientific revolution of medieval Islam at the risk of potentially offending some of your more devout coreligionists. The Indian religions are each flavorful and interesting, but to this day still feel less fleshed-out and more disconnected from the rest of the map.

I have mixed feelings about Charlemagne. At first, I loved the start.

ck2 smith event

One: CK2 was not designed to handle this time period. Two: years - is just too long to play a single campaign.

The Complete Guide to Crusader Kings 2 DLC

The story events with Charlemagne are a lot of fun to play through a time or two, but leave the dozens of subsequent generations feeling less dramatic and dynamic. Quite the contrary. For my money, absolutely. It was one of the more controversial expansions at launch due to the addition of some questionable features and I was one of the loudest complainers!

But the core of it, the new council mechanics, is fantastic. It brings new depth and strategy to internal politics, makes playing a vassal of a higher ruler much more fun, and more realistically simulates the simple fact that most rulers in the middle ages were not even close to being unchallenged, absolute monarchs.

Getting your way is a lot more satisfying when you have to manipulate a bunch of people to do so. Some of the societies are really cool, but also nearly as unrealistic as Sunset Invasion at the higher levels. The new events are really the highlight of it all.

At least, until they start to get repetitive - which they definitely will if you stay with the same society for long enough. Rally points and the new CBs are nice, all-around quality of life features. But what will really determine how much bang you get for your buck with Jade Dragon is how often you like to play on the Eastern edge of the map.

Having the Chinese Emperor to deal with makes the region feel very different, both in terms of opportunities and challenges. The huge number of new events and diplomatic options tied to China liven things up as well. Obviously, however, the further from China your realm is located, the less any of this is going to matter. Much like the Random New World from EU4your mileage on this may vary, but Holy Fury also manages to completely revitalise the Christian game specifically on more standard map settings through new Crusade and Character mechanics.

It's almost tragic in the way that this is the game's final expansion, although the development team mentioned that they wanted to send CK2 off on a high note. I'd say they definitely achieved that. Check our review for more details.

Also, the free patch once again proves to be as strong, if not stronger, than the DLC itself. They will replace any character in the historical map you choose. This is a fun, worthwhile little DLC… but keep in mind that in a game you will likely play for over a dozen generations, the character you create will only be a small part of the story.This is just a compatibility update for the CK2 3. The changes made in Crusader Kings 2 2.

Version 1. Save games created with previous versions of the mod will not work with this version, due to the new trait added for the Eros Plague. Regenerated history files to accommodate base game changes. Fixed bug with bastard legitimization introduced in 1. Add lustful, incest, and priestess whore features for religious reformations. If an AI character is doing the reformation, the overall amount of lustful activity that rulers following that religion have engaged in will affect whether they pick lustful features.

This ranges from getting caught seducing someone affects only two people to an outbreak of the Eros Plague affects everyone. For example, the ruler of a huge empire getting caught seducing someone can have a bigger impact on religion lust than an outbreak of Eros Plague in a single-holding county. Catholic women and others who have gender equality can now rule merchant republics.

Various traits that affect combat rating have been updated to account for the much wider range of combat ratings in Holy Fury. Voters from lustful religions do like exhibitionists and exclusive whores, while non-lustful religion voters dislike them. Catholic mothers can take a vow of lustfullness instead of a vow of chastity. The Pope will ask excommunicated Catholics for a vow of nymphomania instead of a vow of celibacy.

Catholic women can now have consorts. Some performance increases using new engine features. New event for spouses visiting courts with lustful religions.

ck2 smith event

The Papal AI now correctly considers chaste and lustful. The cadaver synod event now recognizes that the Pope can be a Meretrix. The heavy armor artifact is no longer available at the cloth workshop.

Brothels and cloth workshops no disappear when built in a castle owned by a Doge whose family later loses control of the republic. The brothel and cloth workshop decisions are now available if the necessary buildings exist anywhere in a province, not just the capital holding.

The buggy volcano event inherited from VIET via nadamod has been removed. The spiritual guidance decision now removes chaste for Catholics. Catholics are now happy when their family member marries a whore. Fixed some cases where a character could get syphilis before it had been brought by the Aztecs. Voice of Jesus events now remove chaste or give lustful for Catholics.

Followers of lustful religions will now be happy any time their wife has a child, regardless of whose it is. Fixed the cumdrinking event chain so you can now get to the end. Regenerated history files due to changes in base game titles and names. Rewrote handling of age checks for immortal characters to use an engine feature that was added in 2.

Added some additional heir texts shown describing the new ruler when the previous one dies for mod traits. Added Eros Plague. Armies spawned by rebel uprisings peasant, religious, etc. Educators from a Catholic monastic order will now encourage former students towards lust. MeMe fixed a bug in the history generation script. The history files have been regenerated to account for the new areas included in Jade Dragon.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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ck2 smith event

Showing 1 - 15 of 27 comments. If you do literally everything right, I think you can achieve a tier 3 item. I got lucky and got a super fancy tier 4 axe while I was playing as a tribal by going into debt a few thousand ducats. It was named something pretty great, but I forgot what it was specifically, as it happened when Reapers came out.

Jiks View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Jiks :. Last edited by Admiral Obvious ; 28 Apr, am. Originally posted by Admiral Obvious :.

Matilda the musical rehearsal tracks

Doc View Profile View Posts. If you've been searching for a smith right off the bat - well, that's why you're not getting access to the tier 3 items. Thanks Admiral, that is handy to know. Originally posted by Valentine Michael Smith :. Last edited by Admiral Obvious ; 28 Apr, pm.

Originally posted by Doc :. I need to see a pic of a tier 4 crafted weapon. I've checked the events and stuff and see nothing about them. Only tierthe 3s being the named weapons. Last edited by The Cure ; 28 Apr, pm. I dug through the list of artifacts. The only weapons that are higher than tier 3 are the religious artifacts, e.

Anyone telling you you can craft more than Tier 3 is, at best, playing with mods that add such content, and at worst simply lying to you. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 28 Apr, am.It was released for Microsoft Windows on February 14, An OS X version, Paradox Interactive's first in-house development for the operating systemwas released on May 24, A Linux version was also released on January 14, Since being released, it has sold over 1 million copies, which made it Paradox's most successful release before the release of Europa Universalis IV in August The game is a dynasty simulator in which the player controls a Medieval dynasty from tothough the DLC The Old Gods and Charlemagne allow for earlier start dates of and respectively, along with with the Iron Century update.

Through the strategic use of war, marriages and assassinations among many other things, the player works to achieve success for their dynasty. Success is defined solely by the player. The only in-game objective is to obtain as many prestige and piety points as possible in order to surpass the various historically relevant European dynasties in a fictional prestige ranking the three most prestigious ones being the Capetianthe Rurikid and the Habsburg dynasties.

The game employs a genetics and education system, through which children will inherit many traits, culturereligion and skills from their parents and guardians.

This adds an additional layer of strategy to marriagessuch that a player will attempt not only to form beneficial alliancesbut also to select marriage partners with strong heritable traits to maximise the quality of offspring and thus strengthen the dynasty. This requires balancing sometimes conflicting interests; for example, while one possible marriage might allow some desirable alliance to be formed with another ruler, it may also require marrying a spouse with some undesirable traits.

Such a trade-off can occur in the reverse as well: one possible spouse could possess highly desirable traits but yield no new alliances for the player's dynasty. While the player can choose any noble with at least a county in their possession to play as, there are some Government types that are unplayable without modding the game. These include Theocracies such as The Papacyholy ordersmercenariesand republics. The merchant republic government type, however, is playable with The Republic expansion.

A demo was released on February 4,which featured four playable characters over a year span. The game, based on the Clausewitz Enginewas met with generally positive reviews and has attained a metascore of 82 at Metacritic. According to Paradox Interactivethe game was played by an average of 12, players every day, with an average playtime of 99 hours per player.

When a Crusader Kings II CK2 game is launched, Paradox servers collect information about the game setup such as game version, single player or multiplayer, and what mods are in use.

Paradox actively encourages such modding, and the company is "constantly considering how we can ensure new additions to the game are moddable, and we often go back and tweak existing functionality to open it further to modding. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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How do I turn it off or beat it?

ck2 smith event

You don't. If you have Reaper's Due enabled, the event will happen. Turning off supernatural events imposes limits on when it can happen.

Rega elys 2 vs exact

With supernatural events it can happen to anyone, without - only to Christian rulers or if you have a Christian county by owner, not county religion bordering your realm. The chances that you get it are increased if you are unwell, old or the Plague is rampant in your realm.

How does one win the game? This is the worse option in general. If you choose to play chess, you will have 3 rounds to accumulate at least 5 points. Great moves net 2 points, good ones - 1 point, neutral doesn't affect the score, bad reduces your score by 1, terrible - by 2 effectively nuking your character.

This is the basic premise, but your actions and traits can influence the game, allowing for higher win chances. Game master and Genius are the most useful traits here, increasing your chances dramatically Game Master is slightly better, but these two do not stack. First of all - invite Death in or pay some money for the nearest inn!!! This will grant you 1 extra point in the beginning of the game.

Viptela serial file

Secondly - play black. This gives you another point to start with, making this much easier. Apart from the 2 usual options risky or safethere are a number of traits that allow you to get safe points. These are:. Deceitful, schemer, strategist, quick, shrewd - get 1 point. Genius, game master - get 2 points. This is where various cheating strategies can work. Again, there are a number of traits that get you free points here, as well as the option to concentrate or cheat.

Shotcut manual

This is where you have the option to sacrifice a loved one or trust your skill. Characters without any special traits, but that are willing to take on the sacrifice stand a decent chance to cheat Death. As stated above, the key point is to be gracious and play black. The main point to take away is that if you can score 2 free points, you're almost guaranteed to win, no need to risk by cheating or sacrificing. If you can score 1, it's kinda dangerous.Type the name of an event, or an event ID, into the search box below to instantly search our database of event IDs.

Privacy Contact. Table View Card View. Own all the silk route ports in india as a European merchant republic. Become Grandmaster of any devil-worshiper society Birthright. Have a priest you corrupted as a Satanist become Pope Got Land.

Start as the holder of gotland and form Scandinavia Unwelcome Visitors. As an assassin, assassinate a Crusader King in the Holy land. GetBestName] starts claim adventure for [This. GetName]" TOG. Seize Church Properties If a building is specified, then that one is exempt We have been judged in the eyes of God On-Action: Mercs go on a rampage On-Action: Mercs leave in disgust On-Action: Mercs switch side FROM you On-Action: Mercs switch side TO you On-Action: Holy Order leaves your service Offer to buy a title from indebted liege Liege receives offer to sell land Liege receives offer to sell land for favor Irresistable young wench Unwed daughter Spymaster advice you Spymaster is trusted to deal with liege's daughter's bastard child Spymaster let child and daughter live Spymaster let daugther and bastard child live Get rid of a bastard?

What now? Husband's investigation fails.

Crusader Kings II - Incest Only Challenge

Hidden utility event. FROM is employers "employee". She keeps reading any sort of romantic poetry she can get hold of. What about keeping your courtiers busy by changing the fashion at court? GetTitledName] declares independence from [This. Viking Raider Doge-Elect Empressive Black Widow The Black Bishop Turbulent Priest Full House Keeping it in the Family The Marriage Game Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. How can i get the tier 3 and 4 weapons or armor with patch 2.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 26 comments. Midas View Profile View Posts. When your prestige is high enough you get a yellow option that gets avaiable cause of that prestige and you can craft gear above 3. Prob is only it svery expansive 5 times my yearly income. Via china you get these events too but these items are random. Havent played with Jade Dragon yet, but only tier 4 weapon i can remember is Sword of Mohammed.

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And its kinda funny because other religions weapons was tier 5. Originally posted by Midas :. Only tier 1 and 2 options, tho. Probably, too low prestige, as mentioned above started a new game.

But i got Mjolnir from first battle with Sjaelland. Btw, blacksmith summoning have 3 options: jewels, weapons Which seems new to me. Like, cant summon weaponsmith if have any crafted weapons. Last edited by quarre ; 18 Nov, am. Do Han and Tibeten characters have their own set of weapons and jewels?

Zaltys View Profile View Posts. Yeah, you need high prestige. And the cost scales, so you're guaranteed to go deeply into debt if you actually want those. Last edited by Zaltys ; 18 Nov, pm. Asphyxion View Profile View Posts.

Limit seems to be 2k prestige plus. And I'm not sure it scales. For me it costed around ish gold and I had 5k in my bank so I didn't go bankrupt. Originally posted by Asphyxion :. Last edited by Zaltys ; 23 Nov, am. If picking right timings, you can go away and put contry on Regent with dull stats, so when event with prices will pop up Not mention there's not so many ways to provoke regency when you want.

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